2 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs NEED Events

Here at Liz King Events, we get the opportunity to work with some really accomplished entrepreneurs who are pursuing their passions and changing the world – one new business at a time. Our role is to help them create amazing events. Whether ongoing meetups, launch events or speaking events, we do it all. But some entrepreneurs haven’t yet figured out why events are so important for them. In my opinion, there are two main reasons every entrepreneur needs to host events – and here they are!

Many small businesses are already getting great exposure through social media and other networking channels, but there is still a LOT of power in face-to-face events. Bringing together people at an event is an important way to expand your brand exposure. When you have a crowd of a few hundred people, you demand attention. Whether from nearby venues, print ads at the event or otherwise, you are attracting attention from people who may not have found you online.

There is NOTHING like making a face-to-face connection with one of your fans. People buy from brands that they can connect to – and the best way to tie your fans to your brand is through an emotional connection. If they attend an event and make great connections, feel inspired, are impressed by your work – they will come back again and again.

When was the last time YOU hosted an event? It could be large or small, but you have to be “out” there and connecting with your target audience on a regular basis via face-to-face events.