There are a milion vendors out there, but it’s so hard to know which ones are REALLY good. That is, until you’ve used yourself, or gotten a recommendation from a colleague. In the spirit of collaboration and supporting great businesses we love, here are a few of our favorite go-tos! 

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not receive any payment for these companies to be placed or featured on the site, nor any commissions for referring event planners. We operate simply on the premise that sharing good information is good for the industry. If you’re looking for a recommendation on something we don’t have listed here, please email us and we’d be happy to give you our feedback!

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If you're looking for a sexy new venue for your next event at one of the fastest-growing companies in our industry, you must check out the all-in-one Convene experience. Many of our events are tech-centric so having the tech pricing built into the initial quote saves us TIME and HEADACHES. And - for those who have other priorities - their on-site chefs and culinary experience will impress you as much as their 18 hour chairs and their Nourish snack and espresso bars! We love literally everything about the venue from initial outreach to the final goodbye!

CONTACT: Morgan Miller

PRODUCTION: Luminescence Production Services

When it comes to production, we're VERY picky about a few things: QUALITY, PRICE and SERVICE. Luminescence has delivered above and beyond every single time. Dennis knows how to talk you through the project and think of ways to enhance your project without busting the bank. In fact, each time our clients choose to price shop, they always end up back at Lumi. We love having an event partner in Dennis - someone we can call in hard times or even last minute (though we HATE to do that!!) and always delivers. From digital uplights to major production, Dennis is always our first call. Oh - and don't forget about his super-cool waterfall wall! <3

Dennice Finnegan
718.850.LUMI (5864)

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When it comes to event management platforms, Bizzabo is definitely one of our favorites. From registrationt hrough to your event website and mobile app, this is always a provider we recommend for a few reasons. First of all - it's incredibly easy to use. It's also very comprehensive - from email marketing to exhibitor and agenda management, this tool is built to work for PROFESSIONAL PLANNERS - they've thought of everything that makes an event management platform great!

(800) 604-2499

PERKS: Bizzabo will be offering a 5% discount on the Planner and Pro packages of the Bizzabo platform for anyone who mentions techsytalk.

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Your audience is constantly distracted by their tablets and phones, but what if you could take back that attention? Not by taking away the devices, but by using them as part of your engagement plan. What Glisser has done with second screen technology is so seamless and simple that it's genius. Get your attendees to ask questions, vote on slides and questions, take notes and more, all from their own device. Your speakers can also present stright from the Glisser platform so you can easily launch polls or show your Q&A on your screens. This solution is perfectly simple, and worhty of inclusion at all meetings and conferences, in our opinion.

Meaghan Carey, Managing Director, US
(518) 312-8674

PERKS: Glisser will provide free custom branding and will waive the onboarding and training fee for first-time clients for all techsytalk referals!

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Your red carpet is a money-maker, not just a fun add on. By selling the logo space to sponsors, you can monetize your events, but there are many other great ways to leverage your red carpet, large format printing or even modular hardware systems to monetize your event. Not only do we love the service and pricing we get from Alive Entertainment, we also love that they are a forefront leader in educating on this topic. Talk about impeccable turn around time and a staff that goes ABOVE and BEYOND - this is one company we always recommend for signage or any large-format visual elements!

Ed Baker or Stephen Calhoun

PERKS: 20% OFF all custom cut carpet runners - any color, any size AND Free Samples! http://www.redcarpetentrances.com/carpet-runners/