As a thought leader and influencer, you know that your audience is your secret sauce.

You spend endless hours creating content and building your audience, and while there are many ways to engage online, there’s nothing like the power of a strategic, fun in-person event!

We are OBSESSED WITH awesome and strategic events. LKE is a forward-thinking event planning firm committed to strategically implemented brand events and a high-caliber guest experience. Live events are critical for deepening your relationship with your audience and technology is often the facilitator to achieve these goals. As the creator of signature events, LKE brings our extensive event planning expertise, love for technology and engaging approach to our clients to help them carry out their brand’s mission.

We love WORKING WITH forward-thinking thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and brands who see events as powerful tools for growing their brand and deepening the engagement with their target audience. These brands are constantly evolving and utilize our services to reflect that philosophy. They have established audiences and are ready to invest in live events to take their company to the next level.


The best way to see how we can help you is to set up a free consultation. We can conduct this over the phone or in-person. In this session, we’ll listen to where your brand is today and where you want to see it going. We can provide strategic advice to help you reach your goals using events and will write a customized proposal for you after our meeting to outline the services we provide. 


Our pricing model is simple – we write our proposals as a flat-rate project fee, based on a projected scope that is well-defined to meet your needs. This has several benefits for you:

  • Our work is customizable, based on the work you need. We’re incredibly transparent in our model so you can pick and choose the services you need the most, and pay accordingly. 
  • We don’t take any commissions or up-charge any of your vendors. Any discounts we received are passed directly to you. 


Who better to plan your event than someone who has been in your shoes? Not only do we execute event logistics for a wide range of clients, we also host our own events. That means we’re really familiar with sponsor outreach, confirming speakers, event marketing and more. And – we have leveraged our events to position us as a thought leader in the events industry. Just look at some of the awards we have one and you can see how we can leverage our experience to help you build the brand of your dreams!


We’d love to learn more about you, your vision for your brand and how events can be an important growth tool for you. Let’s connect!


“Four weeks from the date of the first ever On Deck Conference, we had serious doubts that we’d be able to successfully launch our new event. Our previous events company quit on us at short notice, leaving us in the lurch with little previous event planning experience to draw on. Luckily for us, our event and our attendees, Liz King Events was able to step up to the plate and take over the management of our conference on short notice. From their work in the lead up to the event to their flawless day-of execution, Liz King Events went above and beyond in helping us plan our event. We would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch, professional event planning and execution services.”
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Will Flahert
Director of Communications, SeatGeek
“I gave Liz a tight timeline and zero room for errors. She and her team delivered. They helped us select a great event space, manage multiple vendors, and made it easy for me to focus on my event. Every time I had a question — even detailed questions about minute concerns I had — she had an answer. She’s terrific and I highly recommend her for event planning.”
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Ramit Sethi
New York Times Bestselling Author
"Liz King Events is our event agency partner. They provide additional event support to our in-house team when needed. The latest project they help us with was S.H.E. Summit Week 2013, a two-day conference in New York that also mobilized over 100 pop-up events around world, to celebrate and inspire women. Liz is quick, responsive, collaborative and has a phenomenal ability to remain calm, cool and connected in the most hectic times of planning an event. It’s always a pleasure to work with LKE and I would highly recommend their event services. They are an excellent event management firm with a knack for leveraging the latest technologies.”
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Claudia Chan
Founder, & S.H.E. Summit