How to Design Small Business Events to Help Your Clients Improve their Relationships with Customers by @bizzmark_blog

Your clients are important to you. No doubt about it. Every experienced entrepreneur understands the importance of connecting with customers and that building relationships with them is the key to learning their needs. Ultimately, with such customers, you gain more returning clients, referrals and income in the process.

Why do you think that it is any different for your clients? They also have a need to connect with their customers and build a lasting relationship with them. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is to create small business events. Smaller events are more suited for engaging and reaching people at a more personal level than big corporate conferences, as people there can communicate and mingle more easily. These tips will help you organize one such event – that will stand out from the crowd and won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Find out what their target audience is before doing anything else

When organizing an event where you want to help your clients improve their relationship with customers, the first step is understanding who their customers are. Every business has a different target audience, with different demographics, age, interests, and behavior. Unless you understand how to organize your event according to their needs, you won’t be able to engage and impress them during the event.  

Their target audience is the foundation upon which you build all other aspects of your event – format, content, location, prices, etc. This structured plan will also help you stay focused on achieving particular goals. It will also make you less likely to broaden the scope of the event too much or water it down.

Then show them appreciation

Once you decide what your client’s target audience is, you can organize an event that will show appreciation to them. Showing appreciation for customers is important for building a relationship with them, as it expresses how much they mean for your client’s business and how much they have value for your client’s company survival.

For instance, your client can reward them with Eftpos Gift Card that can showcase your client’s logo on them, or with a discount on their next purchase. Another thing your client can give away is affordable branded items, like pens or notepads, or even expensive items, like hats, shirts or jackets with your clients’ logo on them. This is a small, yet effective way for your client to say thank you to its customers.

Make a list of details

When you decide to organize this type of event, every little thing matter. From lighting and program content to transportation, presentation, and parking – everything counts. The audience will attribute everything to your client, and their brand. Making this list will make sure you don’t overlook things. However, remember that the content you offer is relevant to your client’s audience. 

For example, if your client runs a business related to sports, you can organize an endurance event, where people race against one another, whether through running, cycling or swimming (or all three). You client can showcase their business and reward customers with their brand’s items. On the other hand, a fancy dress/masquerade event would be more suited for a client dealing with fashion and clothing.

Whatever event you organize, the audience must walk away with a tangible sense of appreciation and feel of the energy of the event. If your client only showcases their business and what they do, without offering their audience what they need, everything will end up being a waste of time and money.

Promoting the event

Every successful event needs people that will attend it, that much is clear. However, drawing people today is quite different than it used to be a few years ago. Today, we’re a society that reacts best to videos and images, further supported by the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 

Most of your client’s attendees won’t know what to expect, which is where video material can help you convince them to come. It will set the tone for the event and give a glimpse of what’s to come on the big day. Just think about it, most people today watch a trailer for a movie or a video game before they decide whether to buy it. The same stands for events as well. 

Pro tip – you can make a post-event video where your client can show some of their most important customers who contributed to their business, and rewards they received. A win-win situation for everyone involved. Besides, who doesn’t want to appear in a video?

For conclusion, remember to watch out for other similar events when scheduling. View your calendar. Ensure you don’t plan your client’s event on or too close to popular vacation times, holidays, similar events or event from the same industry. It’s just as crucial to check for other events that your target attendees might be going to.


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