Do you love what you do, but hate that growth is still such a grind?

You work hard, event hustler. Whether you started your business ten years ago, or just want to start on the right foot, I know the pain you feel with the ups and downs of business ownership. With 10+ years of experience planning events for a wide-range of clients, there are three big things I know about the all-powerful independent event business owner:

We work too hard to lose business to less-qualified competitors

The independent planner market is INCREDIBLY competitive - you're submitting proposals against people who've been in the business for 20 years and 20 days.

What do we charge?
How do we do quality work for our clients?

We love our work, but we need to better communicate our value

No matter how great you are, your clients often don't understand WHY they need to hire you and, more importantly, pay you what you deserve.

Are you paid well for your time?
Do you have revenue throughout the year?

Collaboration, Innovation & Community are critical to success

Rather than continuing to compete against each other, Event Hustlers know that there is great power in working together and innovating around our challenges collaboratively.

Find your niche, build your brand and work together to scale your business UP!

I’m Liz King Caruso and I’m on a mission to help more event businesses find lasting success as thought leaders so you can spend more time winning the right business and less time hustling after the wrong clients. 

Take a step today to get to the next level.