Event Staffing After Lockdown from @Julia Valler Staffing

At Julia Valler Staffing, our event staffing agency has been in quarantine for 1.5 months. Like many other businesses in NYC, we closed our offices and switched to working remotely from home per government orders. In April we have had less than 1/6th of requests that we’d usually get at this time of year. Instead, almost all of our current waitstaff for hire and models for hire requests are for the summer season.

While our sales department has very little work in terms of event staffing, we are continuing to work and grow as a company. Instead of choosing to close our doors and risking losing our standing and our employees, we have refined our business processes and continuing to grow via online training.

At this time, we are preparing to enter the event staffing business post-quarantine and to accommodate a stricter set of safety guidelines including use of antiseptics, gloves, fresh health certificates, and new health insurance for the event staff.

When will the lockdown be finished? While there’s no way of knowing for sure, we think that this autumn will be the hot season for event staffing agencies in NYC and are preparing to accommodate an increase in demand.

Because NYC is a cultural, financial, and media center of the world, as well as the most populated city of the United States we expect to be busy towards the end of the year as things reopen. A lot of 2020 spring events have been postponed to August, September, and October, which means that we will be staffing a lot of private and corporate events in the fall.

What We’re Doing as a Staffing Agency NYC

We are happy to share a few tips based on what we are doing to prepare for reopening and the subsequent rush of clients and events:

1. Revise your working tools.
We use Pipedrive as our CRM system. It’s simple to work with and there are many integration possibilities with other systems. With everything closed, your customer base should still be in good condition and a good system will let you filter clients to different values. Setting up a good system now will make things easier in 3 months when demand for event staff begins to spike.
We also use Click Up, which is a convenient and easy app for tracking working tasks.

2. Stay Available
Our managers are still available to accept requests by phone at any time.

3. Revise Your Ads
This includes Google Ads, Facebook, and Youtube campaigns. It’s also a good idea to prepare new campaigns for the busy season so that they are ready to run as needed. 

4. Optimize
If you have been putting off optimization, now is the perfect time. Revisit your company documents, rules, descriptions, checklists, and templates. See what works and change what does not. 

5. Improve Your Online Presence
Analyze your website and your position on Google. Now is a good time to implement activities that help you to create more organic traffic so clients can easily find your website and book the event staff. You’ll also want to optimize your website to hold the client’s attention once they’ve fund you. This can be done with unique text and visual content. The website should allow the client can reach you by filling out the form, by chat or phone call.

While we hope for the best, we also wish other businesses success in coping with the temporary difficulties that have been caused by the pandemic and hoping that everyone remains as safe and healthy as possible.

Julia Valler

CEO of Julia Valler Staffing and Events
The reference: In December 2019 in China a new type of virus was determined. It strongly affects the lungs of people with chronic diseases. It was called COVID-2019. The virus spread all over the world and grew to a global pandemic. Almost all countries announced quarantine.