[one_column]As a thought leader and influencer, you know that your audience is your secret sauce.

You spend endless hours creating content and building your audience, and while there are many ways to engage online,
there’s nothing like the power of a strategic, fun in-person event![/one_column]


[one_column][big_title]ABOUT [span class=”caption_color” weight=”bold”]LKE[/span][/big_title][/one_column]


We are [span class=”caption_color”]OBSESSED WITH [/span]awesome and strategic events. LKE is a forward-thinking event planning firm committed to strategically implemented brand events and a high-caliber guest experience. Live events are critical for deepening your relationship with your audience and technology is often the facilitator to achieve these goals. As the creator of signature events, LKE brings our extensive event planning expertise, love for technology and engaging approach to our clients to help them carry out their brand’s mission.

We love [span class=”caption_color”]WORKING WITH [/span]forward-thinking thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and brands who see events as powerful tools for growing their brand and deepening the engagement with their target audience. These brands are constantly evolving and utilize our services to reflect that philosophy. They have established audiences and are ready to invest in live events to take their company to the next level.