As a thought leader and influencer, you know that your audience is your secret sauce.

You spend endless hours creating content and building your audience, and while there are many ways to engage online,
there’s nothing like the power of a strategic, fun in-person event!



We are OBSESSED WITH awesome and strategic events. LKE is a forward-thinking event planning firm committed to strategically implemented brand events and a high-caliber guest experience. Live events are critical for deepening your relationship with your audience and technology is often the facilitator to achieve these goals. As the creator of signature events, LKE brings our extensive event planning expertise, love for technology and engaging approach to our clients to help them carry out their brand’s mission.

We love WORKING WITH forward-thinking thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and brands who see events as powerful tools for growing their brand and deepening the engagement with their target audience. These brands are constantly evolving and utilize our services to reflect that philosophy. They have established audiences and are ready to invest in live events to take their company to the next level.



Who better to plan your event then someone who has been in your shoes? Not only do we execute event logistics for a wide range of clients, we also host our own events. That means were really familiar with sponsor out reach, confirming speakers, event marketing and more. And – we have leveraged our events to position us as a thought leader in the events industry. Just look at some of the awards we have one and you can see how we can leverage our experience to help you build the brand of your dreams!



Get Started in 4 Steps!


The first step in working with us is to set up a free consultation where we’ll learn all about your goals and vision for your event.


Based on what we learn from you, we’ll put together a proposal that outlines where we can add value. We will send this to you online where you can view, share, pick and choose optional services and get ready to sign!

Sign On

After you’ve had a chance to read our proposal, we’ll touch base about any questions and finalize your event details. Once you’re happy, you’ll officially contract us and we’ll kick start the planning process.


We will be with you throughout the entire event planning process. From the first executable to the evaluation post-event, we’ll make sure the event is executed flawlessly and meets your specific goals.


Thought Leaders

On Deck Sports and Technology Conference

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S.H.E. Summit Week

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HIT ecigs Launch Activation

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Earn $100K

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